ShowTool SM 1.0.3 released

ShowTool SM 1.0.3 has been released to the iPhone/iPod touch App Store.

Daniel Murfin is pleased to announce several exciting new features as well as updates to existing features and bug fixes. A comprehensive list of updates is detailed below.



Large clock option, displayed in header with optional seconds display. (recommended only for use on 3GS/iPod touch 3g due to speed)

Pause/resume timer.

Timestamp display option in timers list.

Copy recorded times for quickly pasting into other apps etc.

Dark background option (easier on the eyes in the dark)

UI tweaks.

Preset labels visible during timing.

Glow tape color option.

New categories: pre-show, post-show etc. to use instead of Act/Scene.

Autoscroll when timing to keep up-to-date with your saved info.

To get the update simply 'Check for updates' in iTunes or select updates in App Store on your iPhone/iPod touch.