ShowTool SM

ShowTool SM helps you manage better when time matters.  A comprehensive suite of Stage Management utilities gives you the edge, helping you focus on what really matters. All of your information can be emailed from within the app, helping you create reports effortlessly.

Supporting multiple shows, ShowTool SM helps you maintain documentation and work more productively in repertory environments.

Timing your show couldn’t be simpler. Create Timer Groups for each instance of your performance or rehearsal and use unlimited presets to prefill the part of the show you are timing.

Create a database of all your marks simply and quickly. Select from an unlimited range of colours and save additional information for each entry.

Create a quick checklist for your production so you don’t have to remember everything. Switch on checking mode and easily check off the various items at the appropriate moment.

Show Info gives you a quick way of ensuring you have checked everything you need to. 

Create a props list with ease. Includes checking mode to ensure all your props are set in the correct place at the correct time.

With built-in support for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running iOS 5 and up, ShowTool SM is fully supported by the developers and will be updated regularly with extra features.